Flying Cloud Technology

Security Ready for the Internet of Everything

Data Security for the Here and Now

Billions of packets traveling your network. More—and more sophisticated—threats than ever before. No worries. Flying Cloud protects enterprise’s data with full visibility into every packet. We give you a Rolling Baseline™ of what “normal” looks like with big-data-scale storage and analytics performance. So you can recognize real threats when you see them. Now and always.



We’re Out to Secure Your Data

Why? Well, because everyone else is looking at securing networks and devices through a variety of different tools that only address a portion of the problem. And data security is the whole point anyway.

We’re long-time security professionals with experience in Internet security, big data management, and computing. And it’s obvious that traditional approaches to security are not working as effectively as they need to in today’s heightened threat environment. You need to know exactly what’s in the packets traversing your network. You need to be able to know when a threat is real and not just another false positive. And you need to know how to adapt policy in order to fight threats effectively.

So that’s what we’ve delivered. Insight into everything, with data intelligence and analysis applied to network security. It’s about time.